OK „ROVINJ 2“ : MOK „UMAG“- CPM „UMAGO“  1:3 (21:25, 25:22, 17:25, 16:25)

Today, Sunday 03.12. starting at 1.00 pm in Rovinj, the MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO won the match with the MOK Rovigno 2 in the 3rd round of the 2 national league owest for seniors

The game started with three young players in the formation of the MOK UMAG, which this year are an integral part of the team, Leo Savic, Karlo Buric and Antonio Degrassi, and on the bench are still two cadets, Alex Ćetojević (2003) and Thomas Tarandek (2002 g.). This is the MOK Umag annual plan to join younger players in the first team

The first set was held by the guys from MOK Umago. Even if well set the start of the set, in the middle of the set the masters are a 4 point advantage, but soon the boys return and close the set in his favor 25:21.

The second set up to the result of 8: 8 is in the match but the guests enter a series of errors and the hosts have been able to take advantage of this to close the set in his favor with the score 25:22.

The third set also started in a match up to the result of 5: 5 when the boys of MOK Umago again take the lead, and slowly make the difference until the end of the set that is closing the set with 25:17.

In the fourth set we saw from the beginning that the guys of  MOK Umago have decided to close the game and not let go to the fifth set. So that from the result of 4: 4 until the end, the difference increases and ‘close the set with 25:16 and then the final score of 3: 1.

In the second, third and fourth set, his first deed had our cadets, Thomas Tarandek and Alex Ćetojević (Libero)

Today, the young forces of MOK Umag along with experienced players (Miroslav Drača and Luka Čelebić) have shown that they are slowly growing into a great team. There is still plenty of room for progress and training, but it are definitely on the right track.

MOK UMAGO-CPM UMAGO today played with: Luka Buric, Karlo Buric, Leo Savic, Antonio Degrassi, Miroslav Drača (C), Luka Čelebić Tomas Tarandek, Alex Ćetojević.
Coach: Dragan Salapura

Congratulations to all the boys and the coach, about his commitment and work, especially to young players, and we want them to continue in this way and the result will certainly not be missing.
As a club we are very proud of these results, for the effort invested in youth work, and we will always support it.

Congratulations to everyone again.

Edi Forza

club president


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