With today the MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO get his representative at the CVF (Croatian Volleyball Federation), in the Council for the BeachVolley


On 29 December 2017 a session of board meeting committee of the Croatian Volleyball Association was held.
Together with President Bakirović, members of the Board of Directors took part in the meeting: Dr. Ivan Fattorini, Vladimir Brnečić, Miro Pavlovic, Vedran Juravic and Arduino Popovic, who insists on the new Statute, on the proposal of President Bakovic appointed the new deputy president and two deputies of the Croatian Volleyball Federation.

The new vice-president is Miro Pavlović, while Dr. Ivan Fattorini and Mladen Plese appointed as sotistittut. The council according to the new Statute of HOS (Croatian Volleyball Federation) appointed the Council of Experts consisting of: Vladimir Jankovic Braco as president and members, Ljubomir Travica, Drago Suker, Vinko Dobric, Ivica Jelic Zoran Grgantov Velimir Liverić.

As members of the Professional Council, as full members, the chairmen of the competition committee, registration and coaching were appointed. The secretary of the council is the sports director.

New committees have been appointed: the competition committee, the Registration Council, the coaching committee, the commission for the trial commission and beach volleyball composed of:

The competition committee – President Zeljko Jučević, vice president Anamaria Sabljić, Stanko Stimac Drago Gojak, Jadranko Kirić, Velimir Liverić and free Gutović

Board registration – President Ante Matijaca, vice president Zrinka Petrovic, Dusko Zivkovic, Adolf Cvanciger and Marko Surac

Coaching Committee – President Tomica Rešetar

Legal Committee – President Tomislav Kramar, vice president Bruno Muha, Milan Rajkovic, Toni Ivkovic and Igor Pihler

The Beach Volleyball Committee – President Damir Radeljic, Vice President Dejan Kljajić Tomislav Border, Luka Vrdoljak, Edi Forza, Juraj Jogunica, Frane Zanic

A decision was made on the date of the women’s and men’s final of the Croatian Cup.

The Croatian men’s cup final will be played on January 24, 2018 in Kaštela, while the women’s final will be held on February 14, 2018. The final decision of the women of home will be announced after January 3, 2018, given where it was given to the finalists cup for the delivery of their offers.

At the end of the session the President of the Croatian Volleyball Federation Ante Bakovic present wished a Happy 2018.

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