Sunday 01.02. at Grobnik in Rijeka, took place a tournament 6. Grobnik Volleyball, for boys born in 2005 and younger, with 5 teams: PGŽ, UMAGO, ROVIGNO, DARUVAR and ZAGABRIA, and mini volleyball with 3 teams: PGŽ, UMAGO, VOLLEYBALL OF LJUBLJANA.
Our kids had such an opportunity today to play against more experienced and traditionally stronger teams. A nice experience that will only serve their maturity in the sense of volleyball and also a nice gathering, which creates new friends.
Congratulations to our boys and our coach Dragan Salapura, who works with them every day.
Congratulations also go to the local team for a well organized tournament.
Results by category:
Ml. Kadeti                                                                      Mala odbojka
Rovinj- Umag 2:0                                                      
 Rijeka – Umag 2:1                                                                              PGŽ – Umag 2:0                                                          Ljubljana Volley – Umag 2:0
Zagreb-Umag 2:0                                                      
Daruvar-Umag 2:0                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Edi Forza
Club president

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