Today we visited the volleyball school, organized by the volleyball clubs of Umag, which is held regularly in our gym, in the normal course of work of the clubs, and which lead the coaches of the men’s Volleyball club MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO Dragan Salapura and the coach of the women’s volleyball club OK UMAGO-CP UMAGO, Ivica Radočaj. We had the opportunity to see 40 boys and girls of 8-10 years, with what joy and full of enthusiasm they train and learn the basics of volleyball.
The work of Umag’s volleyball clubs is mainly geared towards working with young people because it is the basis and future of clubs. The important factor is a quality framework, which certainly has our clubs in their coaches, Dragan Salapura and Ivica Radočaj. Both clubs currently have 160 members of all age categories.
MOK Umag-CPM Umago, as well as OK Umag-CP Umago, through regular work with young people, continue to expand their files. We all know that in the city where the tradition of team sports, especially in handball (with a tradition of 65 years), it is very challenging to promote a new sport and to make it closer to the young.
But for the fourth year a MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO is growing rapidly and expanding among young people. Currently, the club has 17 boys (chicks), 9 young cadets, and 11 juniors, a number of all respects, and an increase over last year. In the club we are very proud of the work of all the technical staff, led by our coach Dragan Salapura and the members of the administration who, at the end of last season, once again decided not to join the senior team in the 1 national league (after have again for the second consecutive year, won the title of champion of the 2 national league west) at a higher level of competition, but continue to work with young people and expand the base of the club. As a result, the results and the growth in the number of children who increasingly accept this new sport are also visible. Slowly but surely with the good work of the profession, the club’s progress is evident and confirms the decisions taken by the club’s management. These decisions certainly have the purpose of educational work with younger generations, because in today’s highly developed society, sport has become a categorical imperative, which has a direct impact on the social, economic and health profile of the community.
After three and a half years, we can proudly say that we are on the right way, and that we should continue in this direction, to promote once again among the younger generations this sport, which is a team sport, in the first place in the world. This is why the promotion of this sport in schools is of particular importance, so that children are familiar with this sport as a child.
Edi Forza
Club president

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