UMAG OPEN 2018 from 22.-24.06. in STELA MARIS



On Thursday, 05/04/2018 at the Office of the Mayor of the City of Umag, a meeting was held with representatives of HOS (Croatian volleyball federation). The meeting was attended by the mayor of the city of Umag Vili Bassanese, deputy mayor Mauro Jurman, director of the tourist office of Umago Milovan Popovic, director of the Croatian volleyball federation Mrs Valentina Bifflin, member of the Beach Volleyball Council at CVF Frane Zanic, and the President of MOK Umag-CPM Umag Edi Force (also a member of the Beachvolley Council at CVF). The reason for this meeting was the organization of the Croatian beach volley championship, which should take place from 22-24.06.2018 in Stella Maris, Umag.
It was agreed that, after several years of collaboration between the city of Umag and the CVF, in the organization of world junior championships and various international tournaments, starting this year with the organization of the Croatian Open Championship in beach volleyball, which held from 22 to 24.06. 2018 on the beachvolley fields in Stela Maris.
To start the season there is no better choice, as we know Umag is the cradle of beach volleyball in Croatia, as here was held the first official Croatian championship in 1994 on the fields at Katoro, and starting from Umag with a series of five OPEN tournaments, which should be held this year in Croatia.
The mayor of Umag, Mr. Vili Bassanese, director of the Tourist Board Mr. Milovan Popovic, and the president of MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO Edi Forza, have expressed their support and willingness for help in organizing this tournament together with the Croatian volleyball federation (HOS). It was decided to start as soon as possible with the preparation and all the steps necessary to prepare everything in time.

Umag is back.
Edi Forza
Club President

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