Saturday, 25.01., took place the biggest international tournament for veterans and volleyball recreational activities “12. UMAG OPEN 2020” organized by MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO.
A total of 57 teams from 5 countries participated in the tournament (SLO, BiH, SRB, ITA and HR), competing this year in two age categories, UNDER 40 and OVER 40.
It was played in both sports halls of Umag, on 6 fields. Throughout the day, the public and guests were able to watch big games in both halls, during group games and in the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals.
In the end around 8 pm we got the new winners of the 12th UMAG OPEN 2020.

Order by categories:
UNDER 40 MEN                                                                                    UNDER 40 WOMEN
1. ŠD HIT Nova Gorica (SLO)                                                            1. FLY TEAM Ljubljana (SLO)
2. ŠD PAPAGAJI Vransko (SLO)                                                       2. MAREA Rovinj (HR)
3. ŠPRCER TEAM Maribor (SLO)                                                     3. NERVOZNE K-ROL Split (HR)

OVER 40 MEN                                                                                         OVER 40 WOMEN   
1. PRIJATELJI    (HR)                                                                           1. BLACK & EASY Koper (SLO)
2. VETERANI Zagreb (HR)                                                                 2. LOBODKE Gorje (SLO)
3. OUTDOOR Bled (SLO)                                                                   3. CI UMAGO Umag (HR)
For the first time this year, teams from BiH (Bihac) and Serbia (Nis) performed at the tournament. This only confirms the extent and justification of this event in order to promote volleyball and sport in general, and therefore Umag as a city of sport.Year after year, the number of teams and the number of countries from which they come is constantly growing and this places this tournament at the top of these tournaments in Croatia and beyond.
After the tournament, the evening continued with socializing and entertainment with live music, in the bowling alley, until the early hours of the morning, where cups and special prizes were also distributed for the tournament winners.
Congratulations to all participants and of course to the winners of the 12th UMAG OPEN 2020.
At the same time, we would like to thank all the sponsors, the Office of the Umag Tourist Board, the city of Umag and its services, the sports facility of the city of Umag, which provided us with support in organizing this tournament.
Finally, a special thanks goes to our volunteers and friends of the club, 44 of them, who made a lot of effort to organize the tournament and without whose help all this would not be possible.

Thanks again to everyone

Edi Forza
Club president

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