The biggest gathering of volleyball players at the 10th JUBILAR “UMAG OPEN 2018” International Tournament in Recreational and Veteran Volleyball for Men and Women Teams

The biggest gathering of volleyball players at the 10th JUBILAR "UMAG OPEN 2018" International Tournament in Recreational and Veteran Volleyball for Men and Women Teams


Edi ForzaYesterday, on the 27th of January 2018, starting at 9 am, in the sports halls at the Marija i Line Elementary School and in the Stela Maris Hall, the 10th Jubilee UMAG OPEN 2018, Volleyball Tournament, Men's and Women's Competition , an international character, featuring record 52 teams from 4 countries, the largest tournament of this kind in this region of Central Europe.
The tournament was attended by a total of 52 teams (27 male and 25 female teams) from Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia.
Throughout the day in both Halls, during the group play, we had the opportunity to see the top duels. The teams were also attended by former  club members from these countries who contributed to seeing a very attractive and supreme volleyball in both competitions. After the group play, four quarter finals, semifinals and finals were played and the 3rd and 4th place was also played.

The winners of this 10th Jubilee "UMAG OPEN 2018" were at the end in the men's competition is a  ŠPRICER TEAM from Maribor (Slovenia), which won the ŠD HIT team from Nova Gorica (SLO) with 2: 1 results in sets, and in women competion the best was the team MAREA from Rovinj (Croatia) who won the MONT FLY TEAM team from Ljubljana (SLO) in the women's final with 2: 0 in sets. The finals were exactly what the organizers wanted and a large audience could have enjoyed the team's top moves.

After the tournament, all the participants and companions met on a joint evening with live music, where prizes were awarded to the best. The prizes were bestowed by Mr. Ivan Belušić, the vicemayor of the city, and the president of  the club MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO Edi Forza (the main organizer of the tournament). Special plaques are also awarded to the volunteers of SD IKB Umag who, from the first day, unlimitedly assist with the organization of our tournament, as well as the city of Umag, which all this years offers versatile support to the organizers of this event.

This tournament also has a great promotional significance for volleyball in the city of Umag. All this is also the result of the club's work, the sports community of Umag and the city of Umag, which make a great deal to promote the city of Umag as a city of sports and the inclusion of more and more young people in sports activities. The city of Umag is a city that actively cares about its engagement and help with the sports activities of his citizens, all ages and sports categories. We are even more pleased that we have just started our year with our tournament, in which Umag celebrates this important and prestigious appointment - Umag European Sports City 2018

It is a great acknowledgment to us all and the city of Umag, which has invested in sports for years and especially in young people.

I would like to thank all participants of the 10th Jubilee "UMAG OPNE 2018", judges of Croatian Association of Judges of the Istrian County, MOK Umag coaches and OK Umag, all the volunteers who assisted in the tournament in preparation and realization, especially the city of Umag with their departments, logistics and infrastructure, the media that followed us, and our sponsors.

One great thank you all once again and we see the events on the 11th "UMAG OPEN 2019"

Edi Forza


President of the club

And the organizing committee

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