Saturday 18.11. from 7.00 pm in the sports hall of the elementary school Marija and Lina in Umag, MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO won the match against the MOK RIIJEKA 2 from Rijeka, in the match of the 3rd round 2 national league for senior at the opening of the new season 2017/18 in front of the home public.

The match started in the starting lineup with 3 young players, who this year are part of the team, Leo Savić, Karlo Burić and Antonio Degrassi.

The first set was won by the host in the final rush, while the guys from MOK RIJEKE 2 led the whole set. On the score of 15:19 for the guests, the home coach Dragan Salapura, changes the young setter Karlo Buric (who played under flu) and enters our expert, Ivica Radočaj, who with his play brings the team of home advantage and finally wins the set 25:21.

The second set starts again with the young setter, Karlo Burić. The result is in the balance until the technical time out, after which the guys of MOK UMAG with great defenses and successive blocks, taking the command and the control of the set, ending with 25:16.

Even the third set starts fairly even until the result of 8: 8 when the hosts take back the lead. At the end of the set again a small decline in the game of the hosts, and the coach again replaces our young setter, and decides to play again with Ivica Radočaj. The guys of MOK UMAGO with many excellent blocks and defense, close this set in their favor with the score of 25:20.

Today we saw three of our juniors at work, Karlo Burić, Leo Savić and Antonio Degrassi, who provided an excellent game and showed that Umag’s men’s volleyball has a secure future that we can count on. Today we saw at work the decision to unite young players and experienced players, and this only confirms that we have acted correctly with rejuvenation, providing opportunities for young players, this season.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the young cadets of MOK UMAGO in the morning also obtained two victories against Rovinj2 teams from Rovingno and OK Centurion from Pula in the interregional second round in Rovinj which makes us very happy and proud, because we see the results of two years of work in the club with the younger cadets, which gives an incentive for the club’s future.

MOK UMAGO-CPM UMAGO today was composed of: Luka Burić, Karlo Burić, Leo Savić, Antonio Degrassi, Ivica Ico Radočaj, Kristijan Horvatović, Miroslav Drača (C), Luca Čelebić Tomas Tarandek.
Coach: Dragan Salapura

We congratulate all the boys and the coach, his efforts and work, especially with the young players, and we want them to continue and the results will certainly not be missed.
As a club we are very proud of these results and the effort invested in working with young people.

Congratulations to everyone again.

Edi Force


MOK Umag-CPM Umag

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