Saturday, January 26, 2019, starting at 09:00 in the Umag hall’s, in the elementary school and Maria e Lina and Stella Maris, will be held the International Volleyball tournament, 11 UMAG OPEN 2019. for women and men.
After the record of last year, with the presence of 52 teams (26 men and 26 women) from Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia, this year we expect a bigger number, as they announced their teams from Serbia and a new from Italy. By number of participating teams, this is currently one of the strongest and largest tournaments of its kind in Croatia and the former state, and one of the biggest tournaments in Europe in terms of gender.
So till now, 53 teams have been registered, 25 for men and 28 for women, coming from 3 countries, Slovenia, Italy and Croatia.
Given that this year we started early with the publication of the information, we expect that before the registration deadline (2019/01/23). This number greatly increases, and at least reach the number of teams last year.
We look forward to meeting and, for all participants, we will ensure that the organization, tournament, entertainment and everything else is even better than last year.
We therefore invite all those who are interested and have not yet decided, to feel free to contact us for any questions regarding the tournament, and the potential needs for explanations, to help you with anything. Details can also be found on our website  under page Recreation, 11.UMAG OPEN 2019.
The contacts: Edi Forza (Tournament Director) mail:
                                                                  mob: +38598224960
 Danko Brajković (planning manager) post:
                                                                 mob: +385959117430
Goran Slavujević (staff manager) mail:
                                                                mob: +398989045682

Edi Forza
Organizing Committee
11. UMAG OPEN 2019.

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