Yesterday, the UMAG OPEN 2019 was held in Stella Maris, an international tournament for men and women teams.The tournament included 34 teams in 19 men and 15 in women’s competition (the last day on Friday were canceled by 2 teams and in women there were no 1 teams on Saturday).

This year we had very strong competition in both categories. We have been in the top teams since the group stage and then also in the stage of the play.Until the final matches, there was a huge fight in all matches for each point. And then the finals came.

In the women’s tournament, the team of ŠRD LOČICA from Vransko (SLO) was better than SANGRIA TEAM from Maribor (SLO) 2: 0 in sets (21:11, 21:16).

And then there was a male finale that was exciting to the end, with superb moves on both sides. Three sets were playing, which for organizers and numerous audiences could not be better.

Won the team of ŠRICER TEAM from Maribor (SLO) (for the second time in the last 4 years) who won the team of UMJETNICI from Pula (HR) whit the final result of 2: 1 (21:17, 19:21, 15: 9 ).

The tournament again showed that every year attracted more and more top teams and whit quality it became one of the strongest tournaments of this kind, in this area.

At the end of the tournament, medals and awards were awarded. The award was distributed by the president of the club MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO, and the organizing committee, mr. Edi Forza.

Thanks to all the participants of the tournament, volunteers (girls from IKB, Kućanica, young players of MOK UMAG, club sympathizers, and others) who made their contribution to this tournament once more and to succeed in the best possible quality.

Thanks to the city of Umag and its institutions for contribution, the Plava Laguna for support, and numerous sponsors without which all this would not have been possible.

Thanks again to all of you.

We see you next year on the events of the jubilee the 10th UMAG OPEN 2020.
Edi Forza

Club president


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