Receipt of national champions and vice-champions from the Mayor of the city of Umag

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Thanks to the excellent results of the Umag Volleyball Club, especially when it comes to beach volleyball, this Friday 30 August 2019, the mayor Vili Bassanese, with his deputy mayors and the president of the Umag Municipal Council, Jurica Siljeg, have officially received the members of the MOK Umag-CPM Umago, led by President Edi Forza, in the premises of the city of Umag, to congratulate them personally for their enviable results.

On Saturday 24th August, at the fields of Jarun Beach Volleyball, the juniors and cadets of the MOK Umag-CPM Umago, presented themselves for the first time at the Croatian beach volleyball junior and kadets championships, and wrote the history of the sport of the city of Umag.The cadets of the MOK Umag_CPM Umago became national champions, climbing to the highest podium, while the juniors came second and returned to Umag with a silver medal around their necks.

“Umag is really proud of you all, your coaches, parents, tutors and the whole team. Our city has always been a cradle of sports talents, and you have confirmed it with your efforts. On behalf of all citizens, I congratulate you on the excellent result and wish you much success in your future work. Be persistent, and persistent as always, because you are the inspiration for many other athletes. Guys, we are proud of you! “The mayor Bassanese stressed as he thanked the players.

The junior silver team consisted of: Karlo Burić (2001), Alex Ćetojević (2003), Leo Savić (2001), Antonio Degrassi (2001) and Lars Turk (2003).

The team of the golden cadets consisted of: Daniel Kremer (2003), Gabriel Nadal (2003), Nicolas Sodomaco (2004), Lars Turk (2003) and Matteo Federici (2003).

These successes are the result of the diligent and continuous work of the professional staff and players of the MOK Umag-CPM Umago.Thanks to the whole team, as well as to the people who stand out for their superb gameplay, Umag, as a city of sport, gets its own self-promotion.

However, quality work at the Club and the increasing number of participating members certainly influence the promotion of sport and active life in Umag in general, which ultimately contributes to the creation of a healthy community.

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