Questions answered as Trentino bask in Club Worlds glory


Can Trentino claim a record fifth world title – their first in six years?
Indeed they did! Diatecx Trentino completed a remarkable return to the top of the world, six years after their last success, in 2012 in Doha. They beat Cucine Lube Civitanova 3-1 in the final of the 2018 FIVB Men’s Club World Championship for their fifth title overall in the history of the competition. Trentino were world champions four times in a row from 2009 to 2012. They also won bronze medals in 2013 and 2016.
On the same note, can an Italian team regain the throne for the first time in six years and after having won gold in all the first eight?
Yes. And it was all settled after the semifinals, when Cucine Lube Civitanova and Diatecx Trentino both qualified to set up an all-Italian final for the first time in 26 years, since Misura Milan beat Sisley Treviso 3-2 in 1992.

List of FIVB Club World Champions:
1989 – Parma: Maxicono Parma (ITA)
1990 – Milan: Mediolanum Milan (ITA)
1991 – Sao Paulo: Il Messaggero Ravenna (ITA)
1992 – Treviso: Misura Milan (ITA)
2009 – Doha: Trentino BetClic Trento (ITA)
2010 – Doha: Trentino BetClic Trento (ITA)
2011 – Doha: Trentino Diatec Trento (ITA)
2012 – Doha: Trentino Diatec Trento (ITA)
2013 – Betim: Sada Cruzeiro Contagem (BRA)
2014 – Belo Horizonte: Belogorie Belgorod (RUS)
2015 – Betim: Sada Cruzeiro Contagem (BRA)
2016 – Betim: Sada Cruzeiro Contagem (BRA)
2017 – Krakow: Zenit Kazan (RUS)
2018 – Czestochowa: Diatecx Trentino (ITA).

Can a team other than from Italy, Brazil or Russia claim the title this year?
No. With Italy dominating the final, these remain the only three countries to have seen one or more of their clubs claim gold at an FIVB Men’s Club World Championship.

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