After consulting with the management of the club, the Executive Board decided to apply for qualification for Croatia national team in beach volleyball, two of our members, Karla Burić and Alexa Ćetojević, in the age group “U 20”.
Qualifications will take place in Zagreb on Sunday, 12.05.2019., where they will measure her strength with her peers. The winners will be eligible for the Croatian national team at the U20 on European Championship, which will be held from 27-30 June 2019. in Goteborg Sweden.
With his commitment to the club, with the approach and good technique and the beach volleyball play, the club decided to give a chance to our members.
Namely, they have been playing and training for 3 years each summer beside the volleyball indoor, also beachvolley, and they also showed up in this sport.

Alex Ćetojević: born on 20.08.2003. in Rijeka, lives in Umag. He attended the 1st grade of Natural Mathematical Gymnasium, the Italian High School Leonardo Da Vinci in Buje. It’s a great student. Volleyball deals since 2016. Play for the junior team, and this year also for senior. As a young cadet he also participated last year in the national championship for young cadets. Beach volley he play for 3 years.

Karlo Burić: born 17.02.20001. in Pula, lives in Umag. He attended the 4th grade of the Italian high school Leonardo Da Vinci in Buje, the direction of the commercialist. It’s a great student. Volleyball deals since 01.09.2013. since the very beginning of the work, and is one of the first members of our club. He play for the senior and junior team MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO. He passed all category of club. Beach volley play for 4 years.

We wish our boys a lot of luck in this new experience.
Good luck
Edi Forza
President of the club
MOK Umag-CPM Umago

Kvalifikacije za reprezentaciju U 20

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