In the end it arrives. The magic moment. The long awaited moment. The time of 6 against 6.

It took ten minutes of bland heating. Four pitiful series of shots (which have however reduced us all to the end of life). Ten minutes of tedious braid launches. Ten more pairs of ball in pairs where you and your partner, as usual, tried to pull each other’s head off. Half an hour of synthetic defense exercises.

But in the end the moment arrives. You enter the field. Play!

The 6 against 6 at the end of training brings out the best and worst of us volleyball players. Because we are from the same team, but nobody likes to lose; that there is a championship, a beer or the only shower in the locker room with a semi-hard jet.

It is at this moment that the true nature of our companions and companions comes out. Here are some of the most folkloristic types that can be found in gyms.

1 – The resuscitated

The resuscitated is that companion who started training as a worm around the gym, complaining of any kind of injury.

He lost ten minutes to bandage his hands with miles of tape, fifteen to tighten the anklets, twenty to make stretching between one exercise and another.

But, as if by magic, when the 6 against 6 starts, it springs up like a spring. Jump like Leonel Marshall in the golden age. Fly in defense like Grebennikov. He exults and jeers at you, making you pissed off like Bernardinho at the London Olympics final.

2 – The car from alibi

The exact opposite of the resuscitated. Ready away and already has the excuse ready.

After each wrong attack, the shoulder is held with an expression full of pain. After every jump he stops to rotate his ankle. After each wall he pull your fingers.

Try to resist heroically. If his team is ahead, perhaps he can. If instead you lose, nothing .. he has put it all, but is forced to throw in the towel.

3 – The frantic

At the first exchange he already has the adrenaline that pumps to a thousand and obscures every rational thought.

It makes everyone. The five beats you with unprecedented violence. At every point he rejoices as if there was no tomorrow. Scream “MIA” so loud as to burst the eardrums. He rushes to kamikaze on every ball, regardless of skills, causing a senseless brothel in the field.

Everything good. At least until you recover because you have not thrown on a ball dropped a kilometer away. And then there begin to take care of your hands.

4 – The ignorant

The classic player from 6 to 6 that in his technical baggage has only two strikes: strong and very strong.

At the end of the match will have closed with four balls in the backs, six in the fire doors, eight in the second square of the network. Obviously he will also have taken fifteen walls in his teeth.

Yet, if I managed to break even one attack in the middle of the opponent’s field, will return home with a beautiful smile satisfied.

5 – The cervellotic trainer

There are coaches who, at the time of 6 versus 6, go off. They let the team roar, except to occasionally whistle a flattering double foul or invasion, just to prevent volleyball from degenerating into an indecipherable sport.

Others instead claim to always have everything under control. This kind of coaches loves to invent absolutely incomprehensible scoring systems. Obviously losing the bill after 5 minutes. In the following 25 all will now be playing randomly.

“So … there are five balls, the point goes to those who put at least three on the ground. The first is a joke from team A on team B. The second one is my attack on the dribble, with the free one coming in to raise. The third is an easy ball of B on A, on which the dribble must play only in 7 with the center or 2 with the opposite. The fourth is a ball drawn from the head of the accompanying manager that the central must raise with his eyes closed. In the fifth, everyone must play by singing their favorite song out loud. All clear?”.

“Sure, coach.”

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