Novi trener

Yesterday 09.09. starting at 18.00, in the town hall, with a large turnout of all, was held  a meeting of the board of directors of the MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO club , with parents and members, on the eve of the start of the new 2020/21 training and competition season.
The club president spoke first and presented the training program for the new season and the measures that will have to be followed in the clubs, by parents, club members and others, due to COVID 19. Concerning the competitions in the county and inter-county leagues and the 2 senior west national leagues, the exact start dates should be notes by the end of this month.
Subsequently, the new coach of the club, who takes the leadership of all categories, was introduced, namely our longtime member and player, Luka Burić.
After 01.07. the current coach Dragan Salapura has left the club to move to a new club, the board of the club, after evaluating all the possibilities and offers, has decided to give the opportunity to our young member. The Executive Committee concluded that we should work on a long-term solution, namely to create our own professional staff, as a commitment for the future. For this we have decided to give priority to our member and player, who has the will and wants to continue
playing volleyball and coaching. The emphasis of our club’s work has always been on young people, and therefore also in this situation.
Luka Burić was born in 1997, graduated from primary and secondary school in Umag and Buje, and is currently employed at the HT company. He has been a member of the club since the end of 2012, that is, from the beginning. He is a standard part of the senior team. He passed through all the categories of the club and together with the club he was champion of 2 HOL west 3 times, he played 2 times 1/8 finals of the Croatian Cup. He has also been the former manager’s right hand man for the past 3 years, and has gained knowledge that will surely be useful to him in his new job.
It was also agreed with the federation to enroll in a licensing course which should be held by the end of the year.
With the full confidence and support of the club’s management and executive board, he assumes the leadership of all categories. We are sure that, as before in the club, with a lot of commitment, he will carry out the tasks before him with conscience and responsibility. The club’s management and executive board will support you at all times.
As executive board and manager bord, as always until now, we have taken care of all aspects and needs of the club and our members.
We congratulate him and wish him much success in his future work

Edi Forza
Club president

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