On Thursday December 21st the annual ordinary assembly of the men’s volleyball club Umag (MOK Umag- CPM Umago) was held for the approval of the work program for 2018 and the financial plan for 2018

All the 8 founding members of the club participated in the meeting. After approval of the agenda, Assembly President Edi Force opened the session by reading the report of work in 2017. He noted that this was a very successful year, the most successful since the creation of the club (2011 ), where the club in the senior category won the title of champion of the 2 Croatian national league west. This was also the year in which the club had his representatives among the cadets of the county in the cadet category, where they obtained an excellent result, winning the 3rd place. International tournaments have been organized bringing together 35 teams from three countries (Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) in the indor and a summer beach volley tournament of the same international character with 36 teams.

During the winter, volleyball presentations took place in the elementary schools of Umag which contributed to the increase in the number of young people who took part in the school volleyball project.

In summer (6 months), 2 summer camps took place on the Stela Maris land, which this year attracted an increasing number of young people (16).

The plans for the next competitive season, as already decided by the Executive Committee, are mainly work with young people. This is why the club’s management has decided this year to remain in 2 league with the senior team that has joined 4 cadets, now junior. The basic goal is to rejuvenate the team, expand the base and increase the number of young children. These are the main objectives and strategies for promotion. This competitive season (2017/18) in addition to the rejuvenated seniors team, we also have the youngest cadet category in the County League. The goal is to, alongside the seniors team, cadets and younger, to play in various divisions, the team of guys who have been practicing for almost a year, in the county championship. The plans for 2018 are the organization of the winter tournament for amateurs and veterans in indoor volleyball, the 10th UMAGO OPEN Jubilee, in January, which has already registered reservations for 62 teams from 4 countries, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Italy, tournament organizations in the summer, 8 UMAG OPEN in beach volley for three, organization of the 3rd summer camp, promotion of volleyball in schools and organization of other summer tournaments, Umag championship for clubs.

After the presidency, the word was taken by club secretary Goran Slavujević, who presented the financial report for 2017, which was adopted by the assembly. He then explained the 2018 financial plan, which does not differ significantly from that of 2018, which was also unanimously adopted

All the items on the agenda were approved, and at the end the president wanted happy holidays and a happy 2018 full of successes


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