41 days have already passed since measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic that hit us began to take effect. Just a few months ago, none of us could have imagined that this situation would have affected us, that all activities, productive activities, business, school, training, sport, etc. they would literally stop.
At this time, when we do not know what the consequences will be on the economy and on all activities, including our activity (volleyball), which will leave this pandemic, we as managers in the club and members of our Board of Directors, we are always active, and we monitor the situation closely and responsibly, and as a result, we take all necessary measures to maintain the stability of the club and its members in order to be ready when the measures start to fail. We are always in contact with the city of Umag and his institutions, with state institutions (HOS and SDUŠ), which collaborate with the government, on assistance measures for sports clubs.
We also keep in mind what awaits us when the civil protection leadership begins to ease the mobilization measures. These are mainly the measures that we, as a club, will take with regard to the continuation of activities and any competitions (especially beach volleyball), and taking into account the professional technical staff.
As we have always said before, our priority is our members, especially the younger ones, because the main objective of the club is to bring the young people together and bring them closer to volleyball. Since volleyball is a contactless sport, when relieving measures, it will be likely to organize training sessions more easily than other contact sports.
It is certain that the situation relating to the economy will not be as in past years, that this pandemic will have consequences for all sectors of the economy, including our activites. As a club, together with the city of Umag and his institutions, and with the help of other entities, we will do our best to continue as best we can with our activites, especially as regards our members and our youngest athletes.
Your help will certainly be of great importance in all of this, as it has been so far, in order to provide the youngest people with the best activity and a possible future. Because we are all here to offer our young people a better future, and of course this includes engaging in sports activities to develop a healthy, tolerant and prosperous society through a healthy lifestyle.
This situation has certainly influenced all of us, and we hope that we will learn from all this, and we will emerge much stronger and more complex, as is appropriate for every athlete, and that this will bring us even closer, rather than going away. Because sport has always won in all difficult situations.
As soon as circumstances permit, the club management, together with the professional staff, will organize a meeting between members and parents to agree on the continuation of our activities.
In this sense, I thank everyone once again for having supported our club and for helping us in these difficult moments. We continue to protect ourselves and others, so that we can return to all our activities as soon as possible.
Let’s listen to the instructions of the civil protection, for a while longer, and stick to them.
Everything will be fine!

Edi Forza
Club president

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