Today the boy’s of MOK Umag-CPM Umag have played with friends from Slovenia, the boy’s from Voley Club Portorož, a friendly match, as part of the preparations before the final of the Croatian Cup-west region, on Saturday, and before the start of the championship
MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO has performed as announced in a rejuvenated and slightly altered composition.
That is to say that this season except that cadets and juniors who will compete for the seniors team, today we had the opportunity to see in action our new member, until yesterday member of OK Opatija, who from this season (transferred to Umag) play for our club, Miren Mulvaj-Kopani.
The game has shown that such a rejuvenated team has enormous potential, although it will still need to work in certain segments of the game. In any case, there is still plenty of space for improvement. These friendly matches are mainly used to make the boys play better before starting the championship. The result was not important, but at the same time both teams showed a great game.
We look forward to the efforts of our new and younger members of our team. Good luck guys
Congratulations to our friends form Portorož
For the MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO they played: Luka Burić, Karlo Burić, Miren Mulvaj Kopani, Leo Savić, Antonio Degrassi, Daniel Kremer, Alex Četojević, Gabriel Nadal and Tomas Tarandek.
Dragan Salapura trainer.
Guys and only so far. Congratulations to our coach for his efforts in preparing these guys.
Edi Forza
Club president

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