MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO season 2019/20

Wednesday 11.11.2019. In the sports hall of the Maria and Lina elementary school, all the categories of the club gathered for the annual photos.
This year the MOK UMAG-CPM UMAG has filled all the categories, from mini volleyball to young cadets, cadets, junior and senior.
After 8 years from the foundation and 5 years from the start of active participation in championship competitions, to the diligent and persistent work of all club members, from club management, to coaches, we were able to reach the primary objective is the main task of the club, which is the gathering of young people and the creation of a base, which was the main guideline for the club assembly and the club management in these two posts.
As we approach the general assembly of the club (November 15, 2019), we can happily emphasize that our goals and plans have been achieved.
At the same time, the best sporting results were achieved in the senior age categories and in the younger categories (national champions and national vice-champions in the younger age categories, cadets and junior, in beach volleyball, winners of the league championship HOL 2 WEST senior for two consecutive years), which was not the main goal and the expected task.
This is further proof of the correct decisions made by the club’s management and the club’s professional (coach) staff.
Now we are facing an electoral assembly and another Olympic cycle, which must be a continuation and an update of past work.
Attached are the images of all the categories

President of the club
Edi Forza

Slike MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO sezona 2019/20

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