OK “MLAKA” – MOK “UMAG” -CPM “UMAGO” 0: 3 (29:31, 19:25, 24:26)

Today, Sunday 14.05. starting at 15.00 in Rijeka, the MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO has been a guest at the team OK MLAKA dI Fiume in a match of recovery of the 9th round of the 2 national league for seniores, who decided the champion of the 2 national league for the season 2016/17The guys of MOK UMAGO start very strong and concentrated immediately creating an advantage of 5:11, but the hosts are able to return on the result 11:12 for the guests and the set becomes very tense, because you play point by point until the end, and the MOK UMAG guys managed to close the set in their favor with the score 29:31. The second set better open the guy’s of OK MLAKA whit a 7: 4, but the guys of MOK UMAGO quickly invert the result in their advantage, 8: 9, and do not lose it until the end of the set, actually it is constantly increasing and close the set to 19:25 in his favor. Already with the 2 sets won, the MOK Umagbecame champion. But the third set also offers suspense until the end, even if the MOK UMAGO goes into vanntage 18:14, the hosts in the final resume the command 23:21. But right at the end of the set, the guys of MOK UMAG manage to reverse and close the set with the result of 24:26.After five years of existence of the club, two years of play in 2 national league owest seniors, the guys of MOK UMAGO-CPM UMAGO conquer a historical result, winning the national title of the 2 national league owest for seniores, and therefore acquired the right to participate in the qualifying matches for the 1 national league, which should be held within 2 weeks, and there is the possibility that they take place in Umago.This is a great result for our environment and volleyball in Umag, especially for men. We are grateful to all those who have helped us on the road to this success, in particular to the city of Umag and the sports community of Umag, and to all the sponsors. At the same time, we can not and do not thank all our supporters who have accompanied us all the time.Now after the qualification and possible placement in 1 National league, follow the talks with the city of Umag, the sports community and all potential sponsors.Thanks again to all of you!MOK UMAGO-CPM UMAGO today is composed of the following players: Ivica Ico Radočaj, Andrej Štorc, Abel Zolota, Luca Buric, Karlo Buric, Filip Veznaver, Leo Savic, David Petretić, Ivan Drakulic, Kresimir Krajina.Coach: Dragan Salapura

Edi Forza
president of club
MOK Umag-CPM Umag

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