From 01-02.08. on the fields of Stella Marisa-Vila Rita, will take place the second international tournament of a series of two tournaments organized jointly by the American firm Bring It Promotions, MOK Umag, Umag city, Umag tourist board and Plava Laguna in beach volleyball, called “2. Bring It Promotion’s OPEN 2019” in a women’s competition.,
The tournament will include a total of 12 teams from 2 continents and 4 countries, of which 7 from the US University of California, UCLA, 2 from Slovenia, 1 from Finland and 2 from Croatia.
This year, MOK Umag has established cooperation with the American firm Bring It Promotions, which has coming to Croatia for 14 years and is leading the volleyball teams from the US universities into preparation during the winter. It was decided that this year, during the summer, 2 international beachvolley tournaments will be organized in women’s competition.
The town of Umag, otherwise the Croatian beachvolley cradle and MOK Umag, continue with the organization of top tournaments in this sport, where they were pioneers in Croatia and Umag
has written the history of beach volleyball in Croatia. .
This year marks the 25th anniversary of the organization of the 1st Croatian Open Championship which took place in Umag from 12 to 14.08. of 1994. on the playing fields of Katoro, where it all started.
As a result, this year, countless international and local Bechvolley tournaments will be held to celebrate this anniversary.

Edi Forza
President of the club
MOK Umag-CPM Umago

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