After the emergency meeting held today, 12.03.2020. on the initiative of the Central State Office for Sport, regarding the prevention of further spread of the infection with the new coronavirus COVID-19, a conclusion was reached on the recommendation to cancel all sports competitions by 01.04.2020.
In accordance with the SDUS recommendation and with the common position of all participants in the meeting: Croatian Olympic Committee, Croatian Paralympic Committee, Croatian Sports Federation for the Deaf, Croatian School Sports Association, Croatian Academic Sports Federation
and representatives of the five major sports federations national ball sports teams (football,
basketball, handball, volleyball and water polo), the
Steering committee of the HOS through a written declaration issued today, 12.03.2020. decided to cancel all volleyball competitions of all ages in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, until 01.04.2020.
Information on the further course of the competition after this deadline, as well as information on any other details that our clubs may be interested in, may be provided by urgent meetings and agreements, in accordance with the official notification of the Ministry of Health, Croatian Institute of Public Health and the Directorate of Civil Protection.

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