Dear members, parents, friends of the UMAGO UMAG-CPM UMAGO Club, esteemed supporters and fellow citizens,
In these difficult times, it is difficult to find the right words to wish you and your loved ones the next Easter.
We are faced with something that we could never have imagined.
We know that it is not easy, that our lives have changed overnight.
But I am deeply convinced that we will be able to start daily activities again soon and to train normally.
We try to be a little more patient and to be responsible to ourselves and to the community, as we have been up to now. We have shown that we know, and especially I invite you for the Easter holidays, to preserve all that we have achieved together so far.
My dear, I wish you a happy Easter, to spend in the warmth of your homes, with your loved ones, in the circle of loved ones.
We wish everyone a lot of health and peace.
Happy Easter!

Club president


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