HAPPY 9. BIRTHDAY MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO, 06.12.2011.-06.12.2020.

Just 9 years ago, at 06.12.2011. a group of enthusiasts of volleyball and beach volleyball, founded the  Men’s Volleyball Club (MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO), in the foundation assembly, originally as the KOP UMAGO-BVC UMAG, and in 2015 changed its name in MOK UMAG-CPM UMAG.
During these 9 years of existence, we have done a lot for men’s volleyball, and beachyvolley, of which we are very proud, and grateful to all those who have contributed to this.
From the organization of various tournaments, summer and winter (9 summer Umag OPEN, a 10 were postponed due to COVID, in beachvolley, and 12 indoor winter UMAG OPEN, which this year gathered 57 teams from 5 countries in the region and became a symbol of veteran and recreational volleyball in Central Europe), the organization of friendly competitions of the national women’s team, the volleyball basic school, the start of competitions for senior sin 2 natonal league, juniors, cadets, young cadets and mini volley, in the inter-regional league, the organization of summer camps, in addition to winning the national senior title of the 2 league national west in the 2016/17 season. in the 2017/18 season, and 2019/2020, qualifying for the 1/8 Croatian Cup final 2018  as also in the 2019 season.
In 2018, we organized the Croatia Open 2018 Croatian Beach Volleyball Championship. Last  year 2019,  we had the organization of the CEV Continetal Cup, which was as fast as qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
For 5 years in a 6 months is organized, Umag Beachvolley camp for boys, which again this year was attended by 20 boys.
In addition, our CADETS are national beach volleyball champions for 2019 and JUNIORES national vice champions for 2019, In 2020 the JUNIORES finished in 3rd place. Like last year, this year too the cadets participated in the qualifications for the national team to participate in the European Championships in the U20 category.
We have start a cooperation reports with the two most important colleges in the United States (USC and UCLA) in beach volleyball and together with the promoting company BRING IT PROMOTION, we have organized two international beach volleyball tournaments.
The main objective of the club in its work, is to work especially with young people, and we have therefore decided to spend the last three years in 2 nd league (although we had the opportunity to play in the first national league) to give young people the opportunity to play in the senior team also this year, and to expand the base of boys and cadets and younger cadets.
Unfortunately due to the COVID epidemic, in this 2020 we were forced to partially suspend training during the spring, but we continued with the activities starting 5 months and completed most of the programs. The start of the new 2020/21 season has again been marked by the COVID-19 outbreak, and all activities are currently suspended, hopefully it will pass as soon as possible.
Although the year behind us (2020) was rather uncertain due to the outbreak, the club managed to work out all the planned plans and programs, with the efforts of all its members and the club management, and remain financially stable.
When we look back, we realize that a lot has been done for men’s volleyball in our city, which we are very proud of, and it is further motivation for us to continue in this direction.
Today, the club has 58 active members of all ages and is especially nice to see that every year, slowly but surely, we receive new young members who join volleyball.
All this would not have been possible without the people who founded the club, whose enthusiasm and passion started all this, with the strong support of the city and its institutions, which recognized the work of the club, and the end of all those who have joined in the work, and finally everyone who got involved in the work, members, players, volunteers, coaches, who contributed to it all.
This is why I congratulate and thank all the members of the club (both current and former) and employees, And so on, we let this beautiful story continues. We remain responsible, in the hope that this situation will improve soon, and that we can continue with our activities, and normally have our 10th birthday next year.
Thank you and Happy birthday MOK UMAG-CPM UMAG

Edi Forza

President of the club


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