OK RIJEKA II : MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO 3:0 (25:16, 25:12, 25:12)

Today, our rejuvenated team played the 1st round of the 2 HOL west in Rijeka, against the OK RIJEKA II team, made up mostly of juniors who otherwise play in the Premier League first team.
The result does not show the true picture of the match. This has been a real test, especially for our young players, namely Thomas Vežnaver, David Ileković and Oscar Hlaj-Fattor, who joined the senior team in these times, as they were missing several players.
The guys approached them in a very responsible, concentrated and demanding way, and they showed that the work in recent years has paid off, and that there is certainly a good future ahead of them, and also for our club, given who are still young.
Our boys kept a point or two of difference until almost the end of the first set and until the middle of the second set. Unfortunately there was a lack of experience and a bit of luck.
But it will certainly come with more games, if the situation with the epidemic allows it, and obviously with further training and work, of which we are more than convinced, after what we saw on the pitch today.
Today had his debut and his first performance as a coach, our player Luka Burić, who has shown that he works great with the boys in these two and a half months, and who is also a player and a great support on the pitch. Congratulations to him for his work and commitment.
Big congratulations to the guys as mentioned, we are very proud of you.
Now, Wednesday, the Croatian Cup finals await us for the western region in Umag, and next weekend it’s the turn of the young cadets in Rijeka.
For the MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO played: Luka Burić ©, Antonio Degrassi, Rikard Gašparović (L), Danijel Kremer, Simone Bassanese, Oscar Hlaj-Fattor, Thomas Vežnaver, David Ileković.
Congratulations to all once again!!!
Edi Forza
Club president



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