MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO : OK GORNJA VEŽICA 3:1 (25:18, 25:1, 23:25, 25:20)

Yesterday, Saturday 10.11.2018. in the hall of the elementary school of Umag, beginning at 19.15, the first round of the championship was played, of the 2 national league west, between the team of the MOK “Umag” -CPM “Umago” and the team of the OK “Gornja Vežica” of Rijeka.
The boys of the coach Dragan Salapura after the placement at 1/8 of the final of the Croatian Cup, yesterday played the first round of the league game of the 2 national league west, again against the same opponents who won in the final of the Western region cup . It was a fantastic performance of the renewed MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO team, led by our experienced player Ivica Radočaj. The guys showed a fantastic commitment and the right approach. The match was a real surprise for the spectators, who had the chance to see an excellent volleyball match.
Our boys have entered the game a bit content, which opponents have taken advantage and immediately make 4 points ahead. But our guys in the middle of the first set consolidate their game and slowly reduce the advantage and take the lead to the score of 15:15, and they maintain until the end of the set.
In the second set, our guys start even more motivated, and in the whole set I keep an advantage, and they close the set in their favor.
In the third set our boys start with a lead of 5 points (5: 0 and 6: 1), but there is a small drop in concentration and the visitors slowly loose advantage, and tie on the score 12:12 and until the end the set is fought point by point. On the 23:23 result, the hosts lost two chances to close the set and the game, so the visitors closed the set (25:23).
The fourth set started in an uncertain way and we fight point by point until the half of the set when our guys create a slight advantage of two points, which by the end of the set tends to increase and close the set and the game 25-20 .
It was a magnificent and fantastic sight of our young team, where everyone gave their best. They showed the right approach, involvement and combativeness, and the results of many years of work, especially the young players, who have had a fantastic performance today, have come to fruition.
Everyone who has asisted today’s match has been able to enjoy the moves of our young players. Congratulations to all our guys, the club’s future is in good hands. Go on like this!
It should be noted the merit of our coach Dragan Salapuri, the commitment and effort made to create this team in these years.
Congratulations also to the opponents who proved to be a respectable, compact and combative team.
For the MOK UMAGO-CPM UMAGO they played: Luca Burić (C), Karlo Burić, Leo Savić, Daniel Kremer, Alex Četojević, Miren Mulvaj-Kopani, Ivica Radočaj, Tomas Tarandek, Filip Paljuh, Nicolas Sodomaco.
Coach: Dragan Salapura
1. referee Edi Grgorinić Pula, second judge Michael Bisćan Pula, advisor to the minutes Ariana Paljuh Umag, semafor results Janja Grubisic-Stikić Umag.
Thanks to the loyal public and to all those who support us and always faithfully support these years
Edi Forza
president of club
MOK Umag-CPM Umago

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