On Friday 15 November 2019, starting at 20:00, at the Pizzeria Luna in Savudrijska 13 in Umag, the MOK UMAG-CPM UMAG club was held at the Electoral Assembly, electing the new club leadership for the period 2019-2023.
As president of the club, in the new four-year term (2019-2023), was re-elected Edi Forza (former president) and Goran Slavujević, former secretary, was re-elected secretary of the club.
The Assembly was attended by 7 of the 8 members of the Assembly (one member absent due to illness).
The inaugural greeting and inauguration of the Assembly was carried out by the old President, after which he passed to the approval of the agenda, and debates on all 13 items on the agenda, from the financial statements for 2018 and partially for 2019, with the projection for the end of the year, the work reports for 2018 and 2019, up to the president’s report on the work of the club in the past mandate, the selection of the club organ (president, secretary, executive committee, liquidator), the work plan for 2020 and the projection of the financial plan for 2020.All points were approved unanimously.
Finally, the President (new law) addressed to everyone a brief speech about the previous mandate and the new imminent mandate declaring the following:
During the last 4 years of my mandate and the management of the MOK UMAG-CPMUMAGO club, all the objectives of the work program set by the club assembly and management have been achieved.
We can say that as much as at the beginning of the first and the beginning of the second mandate, he could have been seen and with the opinion that he was too ambitious, since we were offering a new alternative to the sports family of the city of Umag and we did not know which it would have been the turnout, which in the end we can be more than satisfied with the affirmed, and we can proudly say that we have successfully laid the groundwork for the men’s volleyball team.
Is to say, the main goals and priorities from the beginning (from the club’s foundation) were to establish a solid foundation, namely to work primarily on creating and expanding the club base, and working with young people, that represent the future of each club, especially in the long term and in compliance with the regulations.
This is exactly the greatest success of this council and of the club assembly in the last two terms.
The 2015-2019 period was of fundamental importance for our club and a step beyond the foundation of the association of the club.
During this time, we have set ourselves two important tasks and objectives:

1- First of all, gather more children and participate in regular national and regional club competitions.

2- Secondly, set up the club on a solid financial basis so that it can function properly and normally.

  1. We are free to say that we have succeeded completely. The club today has:

– The senior team that plays national team 2 HOL West

– The junior team that plays in the inter-conteale league

– The team of iCadeti who play in the inter-conteale league

– Young cadets

– The minivolley team that plays in the county league

– Volleyball school with presentations in schools twice a year (in both primary schools)

Furthermore, the organization of various events in winter and summer (tournaments, events, competitions, training courses)
The club today has 56 active members, of which the youngest (children) are 43 members. Looking back, that in 2015 we had 15 boys, we can be more than satisfied because the main objective and the task have been achieved.
It is normal for children to come and go, but the point is that more and more of them remain in the club, which shows that slowly volleyball is taking place in the sports family of the city of Umag and among the young population. A total of 107 members have crossed the club since its inception, and this shows that interest in volleyball is growing.

  1. In financial terms, we can say that the club is very solid. With care and rationality, in all these years, attention has been paid to the finances and spending of money in a rational and accurate way. The point was to guarantee the normal functioning of the club and to respect all the commitments and in which we succeeded.

It was not an easy task, since everything you wanted to undertake, required financial support and financial coverage.
Considering the needs of the club, the cost of the competitions, the travels, the referees, the accounting, the salary of the coach, the cost of the equipment, the equipment and all the rest, the amount (which we get from the city of Umag) represents only about 1/3 of the funds needed by the club to function in each year of the competition, as we grow with the number of categories from year to year and consequently also in costs.
The difference between the funds necessary for normal operation is covered by: membership fees of the members of the club, donations from various local companies, artisans and private individuals and organization of various tournaments, of which there is always part of the funds.
We can say with satisfaction that the club is financially stable, duly regulates all its expenses and obligations and has no debts or arrears (membership fees).
We are able to increase revenues (even if we always get the same amounts from the city), thanks to the involvement of all members of the club and assembly management in finding them, and in organizing and engaging in the organization of various events and tournaments that contribute to financial stability.
It must be admitted that it has not always been easy, but with targeted decisions and an intelligent approach and the commitment to solve it, all this has come true.
Therefore, after these two mandates, we can say that we are entering a new four-year mandate, with solid foundations and stability, without debts and without claims, which certainly offers the opportunity for the club to continue to grow in a calm and stable atmosphere.There are new challenges for the management and leadership of the club, from continuing to expand the base and even increase its activities, and try to get club recognition in the county, region and beyond as a new member of the volleyball family of Croatia and beyond.
Thank you all for your cooperation in the last two terms.I would like to thank everyone, the members of the assembly, the coach, the management of the club, the parents and the members, the sporting community of Umag, the sports institution of the city of Umag, the department of social services, all the enterprises of the city , the mayor’s office, the city of Umag and its mayor and his assistants and deputies, from the city of Umag, who have always assisted us in the operation of the club and in the organization of events, with their logistics and facilities.
Without this cooperation and joint assistance, it would not be possible to achieve this.We hope that the next four years will be an era of even better expansion for the club.

Thank you all

The assembly ended and closed at 22:00.

President of the club
Edi Forza

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