Yesterday, 10 September 2021, starting at 20, an extraordinary assembly of the MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO club was held, after the resignation of the previous president Edi Forza 10 days ago, for health reasons.
On the agenda of the assembly were the resignation of the current president Edi Forza and the  elections of a new president.
The current president explained his decision and read a letter of thanks sent to the members of the assembly and the public, and a vote was taken in which the members of the assembly unanimously accepted the resignation of the current president.
Subsequently, the proposal of the board of directors was presented, which proposed to the assembly a candidate for the new president, who is also a former player-member of the club, Kristijan Horvatović. The members of the assembly unanimously accepted the proposal of the board of directors.
The old president, Edi Forza, was the first to congratulate him on his elections, and wished the new president many successes in his new position, with the conviction that he will surely be able to give a new freshness and dimension to the development of the club. .
Kristijan Horvatović was born in Valpovo, born in 1986, and has been in Umag since 2013. He is a computer engineer by profession, which he acquired at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Osijek, and is employed at IKB Umag. He is married and father of a girl.
The assembly ended at 9:30 pm.


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