Dear VOLLEYBALL friends!

The calendar of competitions scheduled for Saturday 21 January 2023 is communicated.

49 teams were entered in 4 different categories.


      it is played in two halls

          Marije i Lina primary school hall (Školska 14)


          Stella Maris Room:


      all teams register in Marije and Lina’s school gymnasium between 7:30 and 8:30

      upon registration, a registration fee of € 35.00 per team member is paid. Please prepare the exact or approximate amount. Upon payment of the entry fee, each team member receives a bracelet for lunch, dinner, drinks, water, fruit and donuts. Teams whose registration fees have been paid into the club account must also register on arrival.

      Tomorrow we will deliver the PROPOSITIONS AND THE TOURNAMENT RULES, which will certainly be posted in the halls near the registration tables.

      DINNER AND PARTY with live music, and then DJ, starts at 19:00 (for those who finish the game by then). The distribution of prizes and the dinner will be held at the SVETA MARIJA NA KRASU bociophile court (about 3 km from UMAG, for all those who have already participated in this tournament in the same place in previous years).


      Let us know by Friday afternoon if you have people in your team for whom it is necessary to organize tailor-made lunches and dinners, so that they can get ready in time. At the same time, I ask you to emphasize the same when registering the team, so they can personalize the bracelets for those people.

      I ask the teams, given the high number of participants, to respect the starting time of the tournament and the schedule of matches (the schedule is provisional!).

      The PROGRAM will be published in each room at the score desk, on FACEBOOK and on our website (

      in each room there will be a competition manager (names below), do not hesitate to contact him if you have any questions.

      in each room there is a bar with drinks for all the competitors. Tents will be set up in front of the pavilions where food for lunch will be distributed.

      put on the wrists of your hand the bracelets that you will receive upon payment of the registration fee before the start of the tournament, which will allow you to eat and drink for free.

Don’t forget: the goal is to have fun, play the sport we love and make new friends, and the motto of the tournament is, as before, ONLY LOVE.


Kristijan Horvatović

The club president

Organizing Committee of the 13th Edition “UMAG OPEN” 2023


Danko Brajković – hall director (Stella Maris room) +385959117430

Luka Burić – hall director (OŠ Marija i Lina room) +385989201684

Goran Slavujević (head of staff) +385989045682

Kristijan Horvatović (tournament director) +385981892835

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