MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO was established on 06.12.2011. It was originally called KOP UMAG-BVC UMAGO and was involved in beach volleyball. The club was founded by a group of enthusiasts who have been dealing with bechvolley and recreational volley for the purpose of promoting volleyball and volleyball in the city of Umag and Istria and beyond, with the aim of bringing young people (especially male) closer to these sports. After having expressed interest in youth volleyball, he decided to register the club as MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO, for the possibility of competitions in indor volleyball. As we know in Istria, the representation of male volleyball is weak (in terms of number of clubs) on the sand (considering Umag's cradle of that sport) tried to attract as much interest in indor volleyball. For now, the club has 48 active members of various age categories (seniors, junior cadets and volleyball schools) and new membership requests are coming up every day and training. Slowly the interest is expanding. We hope that with next year's activities we will succeed in attracting even more members in the coming months. From 01.10.2015. club reported MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO in 2015/16 in 2 national leage for seniors, and joined after 23 years in the indor volleyball. Namely, in 1992/93 there was already a male volleyball club in Umag under the name of SUPERNOVA, which competed in the then 3 netional leage West, but because of the financial situation and other conditions (there was no hall) after one year ceased activity.

In these 8 years of activity, 107 members have gone through various categories. Some went to college some changed the middle of the stay and some gave up.

In 8 years of existence, the club has achieved outstanding results. Namely, in the first season of appearances, 2015/16 in 2 national leage , he finished in 3rd place. At the same time he played the inter-county cup final. In 2016/17 he won the title of Champion off 2 national league and gained the right to play in the 1st League.

However, the management of the club and the board of directors have decided instead to dedicate themselves to working with younger age categories, thus spreading the base and developing the club.

At the same time, the club has organized and training this beachvolley summer camp for younger age groups and organizes beach volleyball tournaments at Stela Maris, the most famous of which are "UMAG OPEN" for men in men and women who has been held for 7 years in a row, of international character (36 teams from Croatia, Slovenia, Italy ...) and Umag championship for clubs. We are proud to say that in these six years we have done a lot for men volleyball in Umag thanks to all the factors, from the members of the club, the coach of the Umag city, and its mayor, department for social activities, Umag sports community, and sports and sponsorship institutions.

Edi Forza
President of the club


Structure of club

President of club Kristijan Horvatović
Secretary of club Goran Slavujević
Coach Luka Burić

Founders and members of the assembly


Edi Forza
Goran Slavujević
Alen Vižintin
Danko Brajković
Predrag Žužić
Damir Žužić
Robet Birsa
Mladen Zorić

Total number of members:   134
Active:                                     57
Not active:                               77