City of Umag european city of sport 2018

UMAG, European Sports City for 2018

The city of Umag has long been known as a city of sports and recreation and has transformed its traditional "informal" title, into official, at the ceremony of proclaiming European capitals and cities of sport held on December 6, 2017 at the headquarters of the European Parliament in Brussels. The ceremony was attended by Mayor Vili Bassanese, his deputy Ivan Belušić, President of the City Council of Jurica Šilje and head of the UO for Social Activities Slaviša Šmalc.

After the introductory greetings of the European Parliamentarians and President of the Federation of European Sports Capitals and Cities (ACES Europe), Gian Francesco Lupattelli, the delegation of the City of Umag, officially took over the flagship of the European Sports City for 2018, those confirming excellence in this segment.

The mayor expressed great satisfaction that Umag got the prestigious title, and it is additional confirmation that the harmony of the environment, services and infrastructure in Umag reached the highest level. "In today's highly-developed society, sporting activity has become a categorical imperative that has a direct impact on the social, economic and health image of the community. Umag is the only town in the Republic of Croatia that has been successfully organizing the Sports Fair, and the Festival of Sport, for 7 years, and which athletes transfer their values ​​to citizens and their mutual sports experiences, helping to build a healthy way of living and sporting progress. Furthermore, in order to provide our citizens with the best conditions, all city sports facilities are modernly equipped and for all associations completely free of charge. By quality financing of public sports needs, we have raised the quality of pedagogical work with youth and the number and equipment of sports facilities. At the same time, there is a unique synergy between the public and private sectors, and the conditions for maintaining numerous sports events and events at the national and international level have been met, "said Bassanese.

The title "European City of Sport" for the City of Umag does not only mean the promotion of Umag, but also the possibility of cooperation with other European cities carrying the same title as well as easier access to significant EU funds. The title of the European Sports City is a great honor for the City of Umag and its fellow citizens, and a pledge for the future and new generations.

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