CEV School Project – “Play Volleyball, Grow With It”

CEV Projekt G.Galilei

Our club MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO in its fundamental and primary objectives in its work, has mainly the work with young people. Since its inception, it has collaborated with primary schools in the city of Umag, with the aim of promoting sport and volleyball, especially among young people.
As part of its activities, our club, in collaboration with the Italian primary school SEI Galileo Galilei in Umag, joined the project of the European Volleyball Federation (CEV), which was supported by our Croatian national volleyball federation (HOS ) named and with the slogan “Play Volleyball, Grow With It”, which aims to bring children aged 6 to 14 closer to volleyball, a healthy lifestyle, the importance of team spirit and fair play, through development of volleyball in schools.
The CEV initiative has been supported by 15 national volleyball federations since 2018, including the Croatian Volleyball Federation.
The project takes place in 20 primary schools across Croatia, and the ambassador of the project is the famous Croatian volleyball player and assistant coach of the Croatian men’s national team, Tomislav Ćošković.
Together with Ambassador Ćošković, the project is led by the President of the School Volleyball Development Committee Vladimir Grudenić, Zvonimir Bogdanović, Davor Hrelja, Ivan Hrg and Antonio Surać.
Thus, during 2019, several presentations were held in the SEI Galileo Galilei by the project ambassador, where was presented the basics of volleyball, the importance of sport (volleyball), the importance of developing team spirit and a healthy lifestyle, especially at a younger age.
Today, 20. October, on this occasion, the director of the Italian primary school SEI Galilei Galilei, Mr. Arden Sirotić, received a volleyball net and balls, from the President of MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO Mr. Edi Forza, who were sent by the project holder (Croatian Volleyball Federation), with thanks and support for the successful participation in the project.
These projects trying to promote volleyball and sport in general among young people and encourage them to play sports. This is certainly a commendable project, carried out by our federation.
It is worth remembering that our Italian primary school SEI Galileo Galilei is the only school in the Istrian County that has joined this project.
We thank the principal and all the school staff (teachers, co-workers) for their support and active participation in this project.

Edi Forza
Club president

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