The beach volleyball in Croatia, in Umag, started playing in 1987, with the construction of the first beach volleyball court in Katoro, Umag, where they move together with some enthusiasts the first steps in this sport as it is , and it was one of the first camps in the former Yugoslavia. Falling in love with beach volley, along with many fans (Zoric Mladen, Claudio Ravnić, Mauricio Andrijasic, Vrkljan Radenko, Damir Alessio,) we start with the organization of beach volleyball tournaments (during the season), which lasted until 1998. In Meanwhile, our Katoro beach has become increasingly known in Italy and in neighboring Slovenia, and from 1989 to 1998, players from these countries are starting to come, every weekend and the tournament has become a real attraction.
In 1992 we also organized the first tournament with a fund of 2,000 German marks. Players from Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina participated in the tournament.
In 1994 we continue with beach volleyball, and in the meantime there are 3 beach volleyball teams and the Croatian beach volleyball federation, of which EDI FORZA, was the first president, and in summer, more precisely from 12-14.08. 1994., our group of enthusiasts together with Damir Radeljić and several other people (Jurica Šiljeg, Janečić Damir, Marko Vrdoljak) organized the first official CROATIAN beach volleyball championship, and as such enters the history of Croatian volleyball on the sand (officially ). The tournament involved 30 teams from Croatia, Slovenia and Italy, all the best Croatian volleyball players, and the best Slovenian players. This was also the official start of beach volleyball in Croatia after many years of work by a group of enthusiasts from Umag.
At that time we also managed to educate the various judges for the beach volleyball (Jurica Šiljeg, Mladen Zorić ... etc) in order to organize more of these tournaments.
Since 2011, together with 7 people, we started with the foundation of the Beach Volley club BVC Umag, and in the summer of 2012 we start with the coach Ivica Radočaj, bringing the children together to the new camps recently opened on the (2011) beach. In the period 2011-2014 we participate as a club, to the organization together with the city of Umag, to SWATCH U19 BEACHVOLLEY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2011, chalenge CUP 2012, SWATCH U21 BEACHVOLLEY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2013, and the qualifications for the "Olympics (" RIO 2016 ") in 2014.
In the meantime, let's start with the boys (males) of the training in the gym, and in particular in 2013. So in 2015 we already have 18 members in the youths, who train regularly. With 2015 we start playing in the 2nd Croatian League.

Edi Forca
Club president