In the occasion of the ceremony in the hall of the Umag Theater, the hymn of the Republic of Croatia and the festive songs Krasna zemlja Istra mila, performed by the choir of Corona, in the presence of the Mayor of Umag Vilija Basaanese, President of the City Council, Jurica Šiljega and the President of the Sports Association of the City of Umag Dean Jurdana, and numerous citizens of Umag, the best athletes, sports collectives and employees in the past year, were given acknowledgments.
President of the Umag Volleyball Club Edi Forza was awarded the prize for the best sportsman in Umag in the past 2018 when the city of Umag acquired the title of the European Sports City.
The best athlete in 2018 was the handball player, a member of ŽRK Umag Ana Jajčević and the best athlete in 2018 was proclaimed bowlers Božo Šorgo member of the Juricani Club of bowling.
The title of the best women’s team last year brought the senior team of ŽRK Umag and the title of the best male the team brought Umag handball players.In the younger categories the best was the team of woman Umag Volleyball Team. The title of the best coach for last year was brought by Boris Lisica, coach of Umag handball team.
Women Handball player Lucija Blašković and women volleyball player Mia Radešić and handball player Dino Gavran and basketball player Erik Fabris from KK Umag won the title of the best sports hopes of Umag. Special prizes for sports achievements last year were given to Tomislav Bošnjak and Marin Sinčić from RK Umag and Ivica Radočaj from OK Umag.
At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Edi Forza (as the winner of the Best Worker Award for 2018) gave a brief speech:
At the beginning, I would like to thank all athletes and sportsmen, on this nomination and award, and also congratulate all nominetes and athletes and staff for 2018.
It is my great honor and great pleasure to receive this prestigious prize, especially when it comes for a 2018, in which Umag city was proclaimed the European Sports City. This acknowledgment given to me today is somehow the crown of a 30-year work, but not just my, but team work, all of us in the club and the whole community are wider.
Namely, for this award I must first thank all of my associates, founders of the MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO club, secretary, executive board, players and coach, and all members of the club because without their work and effort we would not achieve all the achievements, especially those in 2018, conquering 2 HOL west for the second consecutive year, young cadets second place in the county and 2 in the region, and placement in the state championship, 10 jubilee Umag Open (52 teams from the 4 counttry, largest tournaments in the HR and in this region) Winter Tournament, Open Croatian Championship in Beach Volleyball, and 8 Umag Open for the Three Summer Tournament.
However, I must mention and thank’s all the volunteers, the club’s supporters, the parents who are constantly in the club when we need assistance in organizing various events that are extremely important for the work and survival of the club. Because without all of you, and your commitment, this reward would not be possible.
This award is proof that an individual can not do much, but team, can build great things together. For our club and me personally, this is a great acknowledgment and proof that work and effort are always recognized, especially with young people and therefore thanks to everyone who contributed. I dedicate this award to all of them first.
And finally, I’d like to thank the special thanks:

  • The City of Umag, in particular the Mayor Mr. William Bassanese and his associates and institutions who have recognized and always supported our work, and assisted us at every step of our way. Thank you for supporting to our club, but also for sports in general, especially in working with young people who are our future, as well as other clubs, but also our community at all.
  • I would also like to thank the Tourist Association, which has recognized the significance of our projects and events, as well as our sport in Umag, which are an excellent promotion of Umag as a sport destination.
  • thank’s also to the Sports Association of the City of Umag and its president and associates, who assist us in our daily work and who supported us in the expansion of the sports comunity, with two new sports, a men’s volleyball and beachvolleyball, which is ours sports family additionally enriched.
    And, at the end, I would like to point out that for me personally, and for all members of our club, this award is an additional incentive in our and my further work, and thus the expansion of the value of sport with special emphasis on working with young people, because Athletes transfer their values to citizens and their mutual sports experiences to help build a healthy way of living and sporting progress, and ultimately a healthy society.
    Thank you all once again
    Edi Forza
    In the program of proclaiming the best athletes, coaches and employees in Umag sports, partecipated the kids of Umag, future athletes, from the children’s kindergarten Duga, the dance group ZT Fulvio Tomizza, the members of Gim club Uma
Dodjela nagrada za najboljeg sportskog djelatnika 2018

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