What do we remember of our path in the youths, when for the first time we fell in love with volleyball?

By absurdity, over time the first to get lost in the fog is the memory of the victories and defeats, which then seemed so important.

Of course, there will always be imprinted some nice trophy won or some damn opportunity thrown away. But we forgets to have closed a youth championship in the third, fourth or fifth place. With difficulty we distinguish one season from the other. Most of the results are forgotten, because in the end they count relatively.

On the other hand, an aspect is absolutely unforgettable: our team. The memory of the companions encountered along the way is indelible. The friends we grew up with, we shared hundreds of workouts, thousands of exercises in pairs. The laughs. The jokes in the locker room. The endless trips. Even the angry, the hate towards some coach, the crying or the nervous crises.

So yes, we pursue the result, because it is the goal that motivates us and keeps us together. But sometimes let’s enjoy the group with whom we live this experience, because we will take it with us forever. It’s the beauty of team sports.

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