” 8. UMAG OPEN 2018 ” Eighth edition of the tournament for three beach volleyball in male and female competition


” 8. UMAG OPEN 2018 ” Eighth edition of the tournament for three beach volleyball in male and female competition

Like the previous seven years, we are back again with the eighth edition of the beach volley championship for three (M + F) ” 8.UMAG OPEN 2018 ” organized by MOK Umag-CPM Umag.
We are pleased to inform you that the men’s volleyball club MOK-Umag-CPM Umag, in cooperation with the City of Umag, is organizing the beach volleyball tournament for three ” 8. UMAG OPEN 2018 ”, in both, male and female competition.
The tournament will take place on Saturday, 21st July 2018, at Stella Maris- Umago, on 4 wonderful fields located in the immediate vicinity of the sea at Stella Maris- Villa Rita.
The start is scheduled from 9.00, while in the evening, at the end of the tournament, there will be the award ceremony, followed by a party accompanied by music and entertainment until the small hours, always on the field near the sea in Stella Maris.
Recall that in the last edition we had the presence of 35 teams from Slovenia, Croatia and Italy, and that this year we expect an even greater number of participants.
Since it is played on 4 fields, the maximum number of teams is 40 (20 + 20).

We also remind you that on the same day, starting at 20.00 on the Stella Maris stadium, the semi-finals of the ATP tennis tournament ”29 Croatia Open Umag 2018 ”, followed by the concert at Dance Arena of the complex

The game mode will be established following the registrations (one or two sets in a game to be agreed according to the number of teams registered, the group stage and eventually the quarterfinals, the semi-final and the final, in the case of a number more or less teams, the organizer reserves the right to change the game mode)

Entries must be submitted by 2 pm on Thursday 19 July, by e-mail to the following e-mail addresses: edi.forza@intercommerce.hr (Edi Forza) or danko60@gmail.com (Danko Brajković) or info @ mokumag. hr
Definition of pairs:
The formation of the pairs and the order of play of the teams will be made by drawing lots, Thursday, July 19, 2018, while the results of the same will be published on the pages www. mok umag.hr, on facebook, and by e-mail, on friday, 20 july 2018.
Subscription fee:
The registration fee is 150.00 kn per person, therefore, 450.00kn per team. (water, sandwiches, t-shirts, fresh watermelon,sangria, various drinks, dinner, prizes, all included in the price).
Rich prizes for the winners !!!
For any other information you can contact:
Edi Forza, tel. 098 224 960 mail: edi.forza@intercommerce.hr
Danko Brajković, tel. 095 9117430 mail: danko60@gmail.com
MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO mail: info@mokumag.hr
Count on spending a wonderful evening in the company, with music and dinner with a grill on the beach and in the tents near the field’s at Stella Maris.
We hope many of you will come!

Visit us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/177177859769056/
Edi Forza


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