4. Round of 2 national League west, MOK UMAG-UMAG CPM: OK MLAKA

Saturday 8.12.2018., In the hall of the elementary school of Umag, beginning at 19.15, will be played the 4. round of the 2nd National League west, between the team of the MOK “Umag” -CPM “Umago” and the team of the MOK “Mlaka” of Rijeka.
The boys of Coach Dragan Salapura, this weekend have the opportunity to confirm that that last weekend’s defeat whit OK Rovinj II was a fluke. 

This weekend will be confronted with the guys from OK Mlaka. In previous clashes in the last three seasons, the scoring in head to head are 3:3. Last two season’s this match’s was decisive for the championship’s. We hope they can bring the score in positive, and with a good game, erase from memory the bad defeat last weekend in Rovinj. We wish our boys good luck. We therefore invite all volleyball and sports fans to come Saturday at 19.15 in the elementary school hall to support our boy’s in this new achievement.
Admission is free
Thank you
Edi Forza
president of club
MOK Umag-CPM Umago

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