HAPPY 6th ANNIVERSARY MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO 06.12.2011. – 06.12.2017.

HAPPY 6th ANNIVERSARY MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO 06.12.2011. – 06.12.2017.


Just 6 years ago, on a day, 06.12.2011. a Men’s Volleyball Club Umag – Club Volleyball Men Umag (MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO) was established at the founding assembly, initially as KOP UMAG-BVC UMAGO, to change its name to MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO in 2015.
In these six years of existence, we have done a lot for men’s volleyball, indor and beachvolley, which we are very proud of, and grateful to everyone who contributed to it.
From the organization of various tournaments, summer and winter (7 summer OPEN Umag and 9 winter UMAG OPEN,  organization of friendly matches of Croatian women’s team , to launch a volleyball school, the start of the competition for senior, cadets and young cadets among county leagues, the organization of summer camps, and the conquest and title of champions for seniors in the 2nd national league  in 2016/17 season. The main target of the club is primarily to work with young people, so this year we decided to stay at 2 national league (although we had the chance to play in 1 national league) to give young people the opportunity to play in the senior team this year, better spread the base of the boys and the younger cadets and cadets.
All this would not be possible if there were no people who formed the club, who with their enthusiasm and good will all started it, with the great help of the city and its institutions, who recognized the work of the club, and finally those who joined in the work, players and coaches who contributed to it all.
That is why I congratulate to all members of the club (both present and former) and employees, and so on
Thanks and good luck

Edi Forza
President of the club


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