Last year, 2019, has been our club’s most successful year since its founding (2011). First of all, it has been a year of growth, i.e. a continuous increase in the number of members, in particular young people, who are approaching volleyball and beach volleyball, which is at the same time a priority of the club and an integral part of the work program .
The continuous promotion of volleyball at a young age, presentations in elementary schools and various youth tournaments (4 times a year) have contributed to the acceptance of volleyball and beach volleyball as integral sports of the Umag sports family. This also led to an increase in the number of members, particularly in the younger age groups, which was the goal of the club’s management, as this helps to achieve club stability.
In the past year of indor volleyball, the club has competed in 3 age categories, namely seniors in 2 HOL west, juniors in the intercontal league, and boys in the county mini volleyball. Since the 9th month, when the 2019/20 season officially started, we have joined 2 other categories, cadets and young cadets, so we currently have all the age categories in various competitions.
The senior team in the 2018/19 season finished in 3rd place, as did the juniors. The boys were the first in their league, although they played out of competition in the county league with the girls, with 2 other men’s clubs  OK Rovinj and OK Centurion from Pula.
Competitions, activities and tournaments organized in 2019:

  1.  2019/01/26. – 11. UMAG OPEN 2019 Recreational and veteran volleyball tournament (43 teams from 3 countries)
    2. 2 National league West-senior
    3. Inter-county junior league
    4. County League Boys – Mini volleyball
    5. Presentation of volleyball in schools (2 in the Croatian primary school, 2 in the Italian primary school)
    6. Qualification for the U20 national beach volleyball team (07.05.2019 Zagreb)
    7. 1. Bring IT Promotion tournament of the USC US University and other teams from 6 countries
    8. 4 summer beach volleyball camp for children (6 month)
    9. CEV Continental Cup 2019 – Qualifications for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (6 countries)
    10. 9. UMAG OPEN AT THREE 2019 – beach volleyball tournament at three (32 teams from 3 countries)
    11. 2. Bring IT Promotion from UCLA American University and other teams from 5 countries
    12. Training and preparation for the national youth championships (junior and cadet) of beach volleyball (7 and 8 months)
    13 2019/08/25. National beach volleyball youth championship – Zagreb
    14. 9. THE KING AND QUEEN OF UMAG (local championship of beachvolley)
    15. SEASON 2019/20 starting from the 9th month, all categories: senior, juniors, cadets, younger cadets, mini volleyball (volleyball school)
    16. 1/8 Croatian Cup final – 18.12.2019.
    At the Croatian beach volleyball championship for younger ages, a historic achievement was achieved for our club. The cadets became CROATIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONS and the junior VICE CROATIAN CHAMPIONS.
    For (excetional) activities and results we can proudly say that this has been the most successful year for our club since its foundation.
    All of this is the result of a jointly organized and professionally planned work by the club management and our profession, our coach Dragan Salapura, who together established the club’s guidelines and work plan in the coming period. The target is primarily to expand the club base with the younger generation. We continue with all these activities again this year.
    The club also closed the year financially stable, free of debts and liabilities, and duly fulfilled all its obligations and needs.
    So a big thank you to all the members of the club, active and affiliated, professional staff led by our coach Dragan Salapura, the club management and its founders, and the parents of our kids who have helped us when necessary.
    I wish everyone once again, A HAPPY NEW 2020 and that it can be full of pleasure, success and happiness in all fields.

    Edi Forza
    President of club

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