Dear friends,
We are pleased to invite you again to our winter volleyball tournament for veterans and amateur players in the categories, men and women, which will be held in Umag on Saturday 21 January 2023. Entries close on 18 January 2023.
This year we will have 4 categories in which you can compete: MEN UNDER 40, WOMEN UNDER 40, MEN OVER 40 AND WOMEN OVER 40.
The number of teams is limited, so we are starting registrations right away, and you can register via e-mail mok.umag2011@gmail.com, our coach Luka Burić on +385 98 920 1684 or the president of the club, on +385 98 189 2835. Kristijan.
The tournament will take place in two sports halls in Umag (Stella Maris sports hall and Marije i Lina primary school hall) and matches will start in front of both halls according to the game schedule, and the tournament will end in the hall of the Maria and Lina school where the finals will be held.
As always, we will be providing food and drinks and great entertainment with live music after dinner!
The entry fee is €35 – all inclusive. With the wristbands you receive you will be guaranteed lunch, refreshments and drinks in the hall, as well as entrance to the dinner and entertainment in the hall where the dinner is held!
Luka Burić +385 98 920 1684
Kristijan Horvatović +385 98 189 2835

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