The 12th UMAG OPEN 2020, International Volleyball Tournament, will be held on Saturday 25th January 2020, starting at 9.00 am, in the Umag gyms at the elementary school of Maria and Lina and in the Stela Maris, on 6 volleyball courts, in competitions male and female.
After the phenomenal number of participating team last year, of 43 teams (20 men’s and 23 women’s teams) from Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia, we expect an equally high number this year, as some others from the Italy, Bosnia and Serbia have announced their arrival.
In general, this is currently one of the biggest tournaments of its kind in Croatia, as well as in the former state, and one of the biggest tournaments in Europe in terms of character.
That is to say, the men’s volleyball club of Umag (MOK UMAG-CPM UMAG) is organizing this tournament for the 12th consecutive year, which has become famous over the years due to the increasing number of teams participating from year to year .
The tournament also includes former players from various Croatian, Slovenian and Bosnia-Herzegovina clubs, former national team players and some who are still active, which gives the tournament a special quality, from big games to collecting old and young players and recreational players.
This year we are also introducing the “OVER 40” category (for men and women). In particular, given the maximum quality of the tournament (a growing number of registered players each year), this year we have decided to separate the category for over 40s, as the competition has become increasingly fierce, giving veterans the opportunity to have their own tournament, so they will be able to measure forces in its category.The only applicable rule is that in this category athletes with less than 40 years cannot appear, instead vice versa is allowed.
So this year we will have 4 categories:
Male UNDER (up to) 40 years
women – UNDER (up to) 40 years
males – OVER 40
women – OVER 40
Therefore, the tournament has great promotional importance for volleyball in the city of Umag, which at the end of the last few years has become increasingly popular with young people, and the foundation (in addition to the already existing women’s club) of the men’s volleyball club (MOK UMAG-CPM UMAG) and its inclusion in regular competitions in the 2 Croatian Volleyball League for seniors and youth groups.
All this is also the result of the work of the club, the sports community of the city of Umag, the tourist office of the city of Umag and the city of Umag, which are doing a lot to promote the city of Umag as a sporting city and involving more and more young people in sports activities.The city of Umag is a city that actively takes care of its commitment and assistance in the sports activities of its citizens, of all ages and sporting categories.
The end of the tournament is scheduled around 7.30pm (with the final matches) in the school sports hall, followed by a dinner and a common party for all the participants in the tournament, with music and dance, as well as the distribution of cups and prizes.

Edi Forza
President of the club

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