11. UMAG OPEN 2023 3 X 3 M + F

11. UMAG OPEN 2023 3 X 3 M + F


Dear recreational volleyball players,

it’s time to start with your applications!

Earlier, on our website and FB page, we announced the news that you are booking an appointment in the calendars – 29 July 2023, and now it’s time for everything to become official!

  • the tournament is held on the Beach volleyball courts in the Stella Maris lagoon (https://goo.gl/maps/RHuYgWX4pPacYqHy6)
  • THREES are played in men’s and women’s categories
  • the tournament is a whole day, with music, food and drinks next to the courts (grilled meat, cold non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, fruit, bola with fruit, prizes and medals)
  • upon registration, each participant will receive a wristband with which he can exercise the right to unlimited consumption of food and drinks at the tournament, as well as a souvenir T-shirt
  • THE REGISTRATION FEES is 32 EUR per person (you pay it when you register, please prepare the exact amount)

With great matches, we expect that we will all have a good time by the sea this year. 🙂

[FAMILY & FRIENDS] – Everyone is welcome in this tournament so you can bring friends, fans and family! You can buy wristbands for friends and family upon registration, thus providing them with access to the barbecue and drinks all day. Children do not need to pay for the bracelet. 🙂

You can register via:

  • forms https://forms.gle/H3vcFwMe9AbmZcHb6
  • by contacting the following numbers:

o Kristijan Horvatović +385 98 1892 835

o Luka Burić +385 98 9201 684

  • You can register via:

about forms https://forms.gle/H3vcFwMe9AbmZcHb6

about contact numbers:

 Kristijan Horvatović +385 98 1892 835

 Luka Burić +385 98 9201 684

or by e-mail mok.umag2011@gmail.com, where you just tell us which category you are applying for, the number of team members (and their shirt size), contact, where you come from and the name of the team.


  • FB page of MOK Umag https://www.facebook.com/mokumagcpmumago
  • FB event on the MOK Umag page https://fb.me/e/LRGAib6H
  • Club website www.mokumag.hr to email: info@mokumag.hr
  • Kristijan Horvatović +385 98 1892 835
  • Luka Burić +385 98 9201 684
  • e-mail: mok.umag2011@gmail.com

APPLICATIONS are officially OPEN! See you!


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