This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our "UMAG OPEN 2018" tournament.

We would like to thank all of you who participated for years on our tournament, from Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Italy and Croatia, and therefore making this event the biggest of its kind in Central Europe, because this year we have a incredible number of 56 teams. It demonstrates once again that sport connects people, regardless of where they come from. All this is another indicator of the importance of sport, which even after active play and recreation itself has a positive influence on all segments of social life. The athletes, by their example, show that not only the results are important, but also the approach, the company and friendship. I quote this occasion one of the greatest volleyball players of all time, Andrea Anastasi, who said: "There is a sport where the ball has to pass it, not for altruism, but for regulation. , Even the strongest one in the world, alone is useless.There is a sport where the team is the absolute value, where only the team allows you to realize or not your dreams.
Only 10 years ago and 31.01.2009. a group of enthusiasts, called "asocial", after several years of playing recreational volleyball at various tournaments in Slovenia, Croatia, decided to get involved in organizing the first volleyball recreational tournament for men's women's teams. Thus Goran Slavujević, Alen Vižintin, Predrag Žužić, Damir Žužić, Danko Brajkovic, Robert Birsa, Aleksandar Simic, Mladen. Zoric and Edi Forza, have decided to start the event. After the first year, which was attended by 23 teams (8 male and 15 female), year after year grew up. The term and the concept of the tournament proved to be a great success, and it is the sport of cohesion, socialization and entertainment, so we have each year more teams, from 36, and this jubilee in 2018, has reached the figure incredible of 56 team.

On this occasion we must emphasize that the city of Umag and his mayor Vili Bassanese and his  services and institutions, the sports community of Umago, the turistic office of Umag, are  help to us every year, providing assistance and support for the organization of the tournament, from halls, logistics and financial assistance. We mainly think of the Department of social activities, the sports community of Umag, the Authority for the management of sport, the logistic structure and everything else. This shows once again that the city of Umag is a city of sport and that the title of Umago European sports capital for 2018 is not accidentally awarded by the European Commission. The city of Umag is a city that actively cares with commitment and help, to the sports activities of his citizens, of all ages and sports categories. We are even more pleased to start the year with our tournament, in which Umag celebrates this important and prestigious event - Umag European Sports City 2018

We have to say, if there was not this team of volunteers, who works on the tournament all these 10 years, together with the other volunteers, the members of the SD IKB Umag, women's volleyball teams OK Umag, and senior and young members of the MOK UMAG -CPM UMAGO, and the most important thing, you who have come for years, this would not be possible, and our loyal sponsors have been helping us for years. So, a heartfelt thanks to all of you from the organizers of the group, and MOK UMAGO-CPM UMAGO members, and in my personal name, and all those who have contributed to the achievement of this Jubilee.

Thanks again and I hope we will build this tournament together for many more years.

thank you

Edi Forza


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