1/8 OF THE FINAL OF CROATIA CUP 2018. MOK UMAG: MOK RIJEKA 0: 3 (14:25, 12:25, 17:25)

Yesterday, October 24th 2018 (Wednesday), in the sports hall of the elementary school Maria and Lina, starting at 8.00 pm, the match of the Croatian Cup eighths, between the team MOK “UMAG” -CPM “UMAG “, and the super-league teams of the MOK” Rijeka “from Rijeka.
After a beautiful and uncertain match of the cup final for the west region, the guys of MOK UMAG-CPM UMAGO, have achieved an excellent result and have obtained the right to participate in the 1/8 finals of the Croatian Cup and are inserted between the 16 best teams in Croatia. This was an opportunity for our boys and for all of us to see our team in action against a Superleague team (MOK Rijeka) and participate in a volleyball and sports party, which is not an opportunity for every days.
From the beginning, the winner has not been questionable, but the MOK UMAG guys have shown all that they deserve to be in 1/8 finals. It is certain that these games will allow our young players to progress faster. But in the end we can all be more than happy because the guys have shown great potential. After this wonderful experience we will now focus on the championship of seniors, juniors and boys (mini volley) starting from this weekend
Congratulations to the boys and the coach for this good result for volleyball and sports in the city of Umag, because the guys with their commitment if they deserved ..
For MOK UMAG they played: Karlo Burić, Luca Burić, Leo Savic, Ivica Radočaj, Abdel Zolota, Miroslav Drača, Luka Čelebić, Miren Mulvaj-Kopani, Antonio Degrassi, Alex Četojević, Kristijan Horvatović, Daniel Kremer, Tomas Tarandek, Filip Paljuh . Coach: Dragan Salapura

Thank’s everyone
Edi Forza
Club president
MOK Umag-CPM Umago

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