Yesterday, our guys played a fantastic game of the 1/8 final of the Croatian Cup, for the second time in their history against the super league team of OK Sisak, which is currently third in the super league.Today’s game showed that with a little more of this kind of games, it is safe to deal with most teams in the Super League on an equal footing
They opened the match fantastically by winning the first set and also continued in the second and fourth set.They showed that regardless of their youth, they can play with such teams.This is for our
club and our guys, another success in the series, after another successful season. It’s the crown of work and effort that these guys and the coach have been putting into the club all these years, and accordingly the results are not missing.
It was a well-deserved award for this young team of ours, given the dedication, hard work and effort they put into it, and a great opportunity to weigh in with the premier league team, which is, in any case, a great new experience.
We heartily congratulate the guys on their commitment and the hard work they showed yesterday. That’s how they defend the club’s colors. Well done. You have a beautiful future ahead of you.
I also have to thank ŽRK Umag / CFP Umago for their young hopes and Coach Mr. Senad Imamovic, who came and cheered our boys fiercely, and even winning the first set is partly also to their credit. Thank you for your cheerfulness and cheering, you have a true sports spirit.
For MOK Umag played: Luka Burić (C) Miren Mulvaj-Kopani, Alex Cetojevic Leo Savic Antonio Degrassi Gabriel Nadal Lars Turk Daniel Kremer Ivica Ico Radocaj Abdel Abi Zolota, Nicolas Sodomaco Simone Bassanese Matteo Saina
Coach Dragan Sepi Salapura
Thanks to all the players, the coach, the great audience, and the special thanks to the young fans of ŽRK Umag and their coach, and to all the parents.
This was one magnificent evening to remember.
Thank you

Edi Forza
Club president

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